We believe all children need “Roots and Wings”.

Eagle’s Nest supports both Indigenous and non-Indigenous children and youth. These are children and youth who may live with complex mental health needs including ODD, ADHD and ARND, or who live with pervasive developmental disorders including autism and PD-NOS.

We are a licensed and accredited treatment foster agency that provides culturally appropriate services following the highest professional standards. As a therapeutic driven agency that integrates the best practices of mainstream culture with Indigenous culture, we help the children in our care to develop and integrate a positive sense of self.

Throughout our programming, we strengthen and support the development of positive self-identity and belonging by providing opportunities to participate in ceremonies, teachings, sharing circles, and social events such as Pow Wows. We provide assessments for all of the children, connect them with culturally safe health services at the Southwest Ontario Aboriginal Health Access Centre (SOAHAC), and maintain links with the child’s community of origin. Our staff, our foster families and our communities are involved and committed to ensuring that the children entrusted to our care gain and nurture a sense of connection and belonging.