Eagle’s Nest was founded by a member of the Delaware Nation, and continues to be an Indigenous-led treatment foster care agency that is connected to traditional cultures, ceremonies and ways. We provide foster homes and related support services for children and youth and their families. The clinical leadership and program managers are Indigenous, and two-thirds of the foster parents and staff are Indigenous. Individuals on the staff group speak Cree, Anishinabek and Ojibway.

We accept referrals from Children’s Aid Societies (CAS’s) across Ontario, including those that are mandated Indigenous/on-reserve. Many of the Indigenous children and youth in our care come from remote communities in Northern Ontario, and many of the children and youth with pervasive developmental disorders (PDD) come from the Kitchener-Waterloo region.

Eagle’s Nest promotes a sense of community and provides the continuity of care that children and youth require to build a positive self-identity.

Mission Statement

The mission of Eagle’s Nest, in detail, is to provide the following:

  1. A high standard of care to Original children, by providing excellent staff, high quality foster homes, and strong, well resourced support systems that meet and exceed all licensing and accreditation standards
  2. A sense of responsibility for and a global view of original children, and therefore, we invite other Original kids to our socials  and advocate for policies and funding of customary care wherever it is provided
  3. Leadership in the field of treatment foster care; a role model to original children showing that adults from the Original people can create an excellent service and a successful business
  4. Programs that counteract stigma, racism and stereotypical thinking by accepting and working with all cultural groups
  5. Advocacy across Ontario to ensure that every Original child be counted, status and nonstatus
  6. Education to people of all origins to show that the Original ways are not dangerous or threatening

Please note that we will be updating our Mission Statement to include services for non-Indigenous children who have special needs. 


Since 2013, Eagle’s Nest has been accredited by CARF Canada, an internationally recognized body for treatment foster care. We are currently in our second 3-year accreditation that will extend through June 30, 2019. CARF accreditation signals a service provider’s commitment to providing services that exceed government standards, to continually improving services, encouraging feedback, and to serving the community.

The staff members are dedicated professionals who display genuine care and support for the infants, children, and adolescents served. They are innovative, give of themselves, and go above and beyond to provide needed services, as demonstrated in the quality and consistency of their work and the organization’s compassionate approach” — CARF Canada, 2016 Accreditation Summary