Becoming A Foster Parent

Eagle’s Nest connects our children and families with supportive community programming. We also host ceremonies, cultural events, cultural crafting and socials, all of which allow us to grow as a community.

Join the Eagle’s Nest Family!

  • You may be a single parent family
  • You may or may not have children of your own
  • You are an adult in good health (age is not an issue)
  • You enjoy playing and participating with the children in various activities
  • You show empathy, responsibility, commitment and affection
  • You have or are willing to learn parenting skills such as setting limits and being consistent
  • You are committed to attending monthly professional development sessions
  • You are tolerant and forgiving
  • You believe that children need to learn about their own culture and language
  • You identify with or are willing to participate and learn about Indigenous culture

Eagle’s Nest does not believe in judging others or shaming people. Because we care about the children placed with us, it is important for us to know and trust the families that look after them. Eagle’s Nest completes our own home studies, which is called a Structured Analysis Family Evaluation (SAFE). We approve our own homes and host our own training. Everything you tell us is kept confidential, and we protect your privacy.

Our children need your help. Please call to learn more or to express interest in becoming a foster family.

“Thank-you for taking the time to teach me how to be kind. Without you I wouldn’t know how” — Foster Child

Foster Parent Support

We provide ongoing training and support to foster parents and families. This includes short breaks (relief), emergency breaks, guidance, and 24 hour support.

A per diem is paid for each night of care provided to each child. This per diem is tax free and does not have to be reported to Revenue Canada. With it, foster parents are expected to provide for the basic needs of the child, including food, shelter, bed, linens, health supplies, personal care and allowance.

Types of Fostering

Eagle’s Nest supports treatment fostering and relief fostering:

Relief fostering is a part-time commitment that offers breaks for the other foster parents and emergency support when needed.

Treatment fostering is enhanced foster care that includes using specialized treatment plans developed by Eagle’s Nest. It is for children and youth that are coming into our care who have had experiences or challenges that affect how they develop. Your schedule is required to be flexible to meet the needs of a child in a treatment home. At Eagle’s Nest, we support two kinds of treatment fostering:

  • Treatment Fostering for Indigenous Children and Youth
  • Treatment Fostering for Indigenous and non-Indigenous children and youth with special needs (PDD, autism)

Read more about these and about all of our services on the Services Page.